Why should we learn PHP? Is it still worth it?

Definitely, why not? PHP has been around for many years which means it’s still live right. As said PHP is under active development and it’s a mature powerful language which has been used by thousands of companies, millions of individual developers and freelancers. Honestly speaking PHP created many freelancers, small business owners like me who can work with no dependency and making purchase of servers, licenses. PHP is used by many popular CMS like WordPress, 70% of websites are developed in PHP based CMS, now PHP reaches PHP 7.4 version, so still people are aggressively using it for their business. 

PHP is easy to learn. PHP is under active development and has evolved into a mature and powerful language. My suggestion is to only use PHP 7.1+ (as of this writing PHP is at version 7.4.3). PHP is going to be around for many years to come. Given how long PHP has been around there is a HUGE ecosystem, libraries, and mature frameworks to choose from to ease your development tasks. PHP has a large, lively, friendly developer community that is willing to help you learn and use PHP. Undoubtedly, Yes! With its frameworks and strong community support, you can perform almost any task tirelessly in PHP. Most popular websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia and Tumblr use PHP. Moreover, most of the web pages are developed in PHP. I believe there’s a strong reason behind this consistent reputation of PHP in 2019.

PHP has driven the demand for development languages year over year. Today, PHP is one of the top five in-demand programming languages. There are many reasons for PHP’s growth. Still, strong support for PHP from Microsoft and Apple as part of the integrated development environments (IDE) such as Visual Studio and Xcode is certainly significant. Now, enterprise-ready IDE’s provide excellent support for PHP along with C# and Swift. To give you a frame of reference, an entry-level PHP developer in North America can start at $60,000 per year and a senior PHP programmer can make over $100,000 per year (source: Glassdoor). In many ways, PHP is the foundation language you can use for a career in IT as a developer. PHP 7.0+ is a new world, fast n secure, no chance that it is dying. The other thing is that we are getting more and more alternative languages that can handle web-development.

PHP will never die. In my opinion. PHP is cost effective (many hosts support it). PHP is improving (PHP 7.0 is really good, if you do OOP). There is laravel, a popular framework and has a vast diversity of developers out there. Simply, PHP will not die. If you are a newbie, then you can get started with the following free PHP scripts which you can download for free from our website and start practicing how PHP scripts work.