How to Increase Google Organic Traffic to Your Site?

My current site is driving 4000 Google organic visitors per month. This is not a high volume but I got this just did a small trick and there are simply a few tricks to increase traffic to your website. Basically, Phpscriptsonline is a marketplace or blog which is offering ready-made free PHP scripts as well as paid PHP scripts and website clones. Actually, the Google search engine provides a solution to the people what they are looking for as per their search queries. There is a catch here, Google will prefer to list websites whoever is offering free and best services or solutions.

Earlier I was selling all the scripts to be paid and not offered for free. At that time I was getting very limited traffic. Then I decided to offer both paid and free scripts. Now my site is driving huge organic traffic. So the catch is, any business has to offer free or trial services or solutions so that people will come to the site and engaged. It increases your site search result pages on search engines. I just did this, now I am started getting more traffic and I am planning to write more useful blog posts related to digital marketing, SEO, and WordPress from my real-time experience which drives more traffic to your website.

PS: This is my last month traffic