What is Readymade PHP Script?

The Readymade Scripts or Readymade software mean, the application or script is already developed and readily available for immediate. e.g. A company or a customer wanted to create one store for their or his retail shop, for that he needs to be a programmer, or he required programming skilled person to develop Ecommerce shopping-based applications and he must spend huge money for development and time. The question is why he need to reinvent the wheels since readymade ecommerce scripts are available. So, he can readymade scripts and use it immediately with less investments and time.

Phpscriptsonline.com is offering 400+ readymade PHP Scripts for different industries for all requirements. So, company or individual can by our readymade scripts for less price for life-time use. Phpscriptsonline.com is offering brand free PHP Scripts with no domain restrictions and no license concept. All scripts are open to add/ modify the features and use it for unlimited clients including reselling rights.

What is Open source-based PHP Scripts?

Open source means there is two meanings 1. The scripts are open source and no need to buy and it is free for download and commercial use. 2. The scripts are developed open source-based technologies such PHP, MySQL, Apache, XAMPP etc.

Will I get full source code of your scripts?

Yes, Phpscriptsonline.com is offering all scripts including 100% source code. No encryption, license restriction, domain restriction. Fully open source code.

Is there any License file to limit by domain?

No. Phpscriptsonline.com is offering 100% open scripts to use unlimited.

Are your scripts has encrypted files?

No. All scripts are fully open to use 100%.

Shall I resell your scripts after purchase?

Yes. Absolutely you can buy and resell our scripts

Are you providing white label scripts?

Yes. Phpscriptsonline.com is offering white label PHP scripts which can be added/ modified features and can be resell it with/ without customization.

How you different from other companies?

Phpscriptsonline.com is only scripts development company offering all scripts including with 100% source code including reselling rights.

Will you customize the scripts?

Yes, we do take customization jobs as per our staffing availability.

Are you looking re-sellers?

As of now, we do not have re-seller program. But we are selling all scripts including complete source code, so you will buy any script or bulk scripts and then resell it.

Are the all scripts developing by your company or you are a just marketplace firm for selling readymade scripts?

Yes. We’re only company developing scripts and selling through our marketplace. We don’t allow other vendors or companies to selling their scripts in our marketplace.

Will do free installation?

Yes, after your purchase, if will provide us your Windows/ Linux cPanel, we will install the scripts for first time use.

What is difference between readymade scripts and custom develop scripts?

As I said (faq-1), readymade scripts are already developed one which is available for ready to use for your business. Custom developed scripts are developing from scratch using business requirements. Both has merits and demerits. Please check more details in faq-1.

Are you selling other software products source code than PHP Scripts?

Yes. We are selling readymade ERP, Software source code which is developed in .NET. Please check out this marketplace www.aspscriptsonline.com. And selling readymade Clone websites, themes here www.wpscriptsonline.com.

For Readymade MLM Scripts, please check www.mlmscriptsonline.com.

Are you providing live demo before scripts purchase?

Yes. Obviously, we are providing all scripts live demo before your purchase. Also, we would suggest to our customers do not buy any scripts before checking live demo.

How do you deliver source code after I made payment?

After we get paid, we are sending download link for source code within 12-24 hrs. Mostly you will get it in 2-4 hrs.).

What is your support and future update for the scripts?

Yes. We will provide you unlimited E-Mail support and free updates for 1 year If any major updates in the script.

What are advantages of buying readymade software or scripts?

Developing from scratch is reinventing wheels again and it is time consuming, skilled resource required and investing huge money. Buying readymade script is easy for you. Just buy and use it immediately for your business and start earning. Please check FAQ – Q1 in above for more details.

How long you are selling readymade software?

We are developing and selling readymade software from last 14 years. We have clients all over the world.

Are you selling readymade ERP source code?

Yes, we are developing ERPs and selling with source code. You will check our readymade software marketplace www.aspscriptsonline.com

Are providing bug free source code?

Yes. All source code is bug free and tested 100% in our local and server environments. If you found any bugs, will fix it.

If I purchase bundle or 2-3 scripts will I get discount?

We are offering discount (30%) if you buy 3-4 scripts together.

Any offer or discounts for returning customers?

Yes, we are having huge returning customers and giving offered price

Are you selling popular clone websites, scripts?

Yes, we have many popular clone scripts such as QuickBook, FaceBook, Practo, Yelp, Alibaba, BigBasket etc.

Can I buy your products directly using Credit/ Debit Card?

As of now you cannot shop or purchase directly from this portal. You should email us about your purchase, then we will provide you our PayPal payment link, from there you just click & pay us using your PayPal account or credit/ debit cards. For Domestic customers (India), we will provide our Indian Bank details.

How long it will take to deliver the product?

We will Send the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days (Monday- Friday), If its Weekend then the scripts will be delivered within 48 hours (Saturday -Sunday).

Do you accept returns?

Please take time and evaluate the Script using our online demo. Before purchase, make sure that your server supports the Script requirements. Refunds will not be given for reasons surrounding the user’s lack of knowledge of the Product ’s functionality, limitations, or restrictions, as we provided every opportunity to evaluate the Product prior to purchase. If you have a question, please ask our staff before making your purchase. Complete source code is Delivered with the Scripts, therefore all sales are final.

After I buy the software, how long I can use it?

There is no restriction. All scripts come with open source code for unlimited use.

How easy is it to setup?

Yes, feasible setup option we have All you have to do is follow the instructions what we provide then follow the installation process. However, if you find it difficult, we can install scripts for you.

Installation and hosting server requirements?

It should be provided with cPanel, FTP & you need to purchase it from a hosting companies like InMotion Hosting, GoDaddy, HostGator, SmarterASP.Net etc.

Will you provide server hosting services?

No, we do not provide server hosting services for now. However, we shall help you in recommending best Web hosting service providers as per your requirements.

Do you subcontract the work or doing it at your own development center?

No. We have our own development center and we do not sub-contract. We safeguard the interest of our clients and exercise required control over the project and people.

What is multi domain?

Our application will run in MORE THAN ONE Domain with or without modifications [ Ex: www.yourdomain.com, www.yourdomain.net, etc., ]

How is the project development cost estimated?

We work on fixed man-hours. We analyze your requirements and estimate the number of man-hours it will take to complete the project. The quote for the project is arrived at by multiplying the estimated man- hours by the man-hour rate.

Can I change the code to suit to my customisation needs?

Of course, our coding structure is easy to understand and you can start modifications immediately.

If there is any bug in functionality of the script, then whom should I approach?

We are there to fix up the bug if any. You can always email to support@phpscriptsonline.com to address the issue.

How about your Support and Updates?

This is to the attention of our clients, we would like to inform you that any mails to our support team, will be replied within 24-48 hours on weekdays. Weekend mails will be replied on Monday on priority basis due to huge flow of business sales. Please be patient while we provide you with the best service. You can reach us at support@phpscriptsonline.com.

  • The 1 year of technical support will only be valid for the source code which we provide you, the tech support will be Terminated if the source code is Edited or Tampered.
  • The 6 months of free updates available If we upgrade the script.

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